From Frumpy to Fashion

Happy New Years and welcome to 2016!

Leggings are becoming the best alternative to fashion laziness and an excuse to not wear jeans. However, there are definitely fun ways to dress them up. Here are 3 tips to make leggings more fashionable, so they can become a part of your everyday outfits!

  1. Instead of just wearing a baggy sweatshirt with them; throw on a cute tee, layered with a flannel and scarf.
  2. Instead of base colors (brown, gray, black) buy a variety of BOLD colors! (maroon, royal blue, purple) You can make your closet  a little more fun in doing so, feel more comfortable when you go out and look snazzy in the process.
  3. Flowy shirts. I am the queen of flowy shirts. I love them and they make me feel way more comfortable. You can find them just about anywhere and they always make leggings look a little more classy.
This Double Face Cape Blouse from Yona New York is flowy and cozy. If you use my code BEBOLD10 you can get free shipping, free returns and 10% off anything in the store!

Until next time, choose fashion over frumpy and;


Rachel Ryan ♥


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